Some Mozzi audio experiments

Using my own samples with Mozzi

Have finally cracked getting my own samples into Mozzi. The sound clips need to be VERY short (around 0.5 seconds) or they are too big for the Nano. I also tried mono to see if that saved space, but then there was no sound at all. I really raised the volume of this sample and the clipping isn’t too noticeable compared to the previously-encoded version , as it clips because of the processing anyway.

Here’s the code:

/*  Example of playing a sampled sound,
    using Mozzi sonification library.
    Demonstrates one-shot samples scheduled
    with EventDelay.
    Circuit: Audio output on digital pin 9 on a Uno or similar, or
    DAC/A14 on Teensy 3.1, or 
    check the README or
    Mozzi help/discussion/announcements:!forum/mozzi-users
    Tim Barrass 2012, CC by-nc-sa.

#include <MozziGuts.h>
#include <Sample.h> // Sample template
#include <samples/alienwave.h>
#include <EventDelay.h>

#define CONTROL_RATE 64

// use: Sample <table_size, update_rate> SampleName (wavetable)
Sample <alienwave_NUM_CELLS, AUDIO_RATE> aSample(alienwave_DATA);

// for scheduling sample start
EventDelay kTriggerDelay;

void setup(){
  aSample.setFreq((float) alienwave_SAMPLERATE / (float) alienwave_NUM_CELLS); // play at the speed it was recorded
  kTriggerDelay.set(1500); // 1500 msec countdown, within resolution of CONTROL_RATE

void updateControl(){

int updateAudio(){
  return (int);

void loop(){

With thanks to Tim Barass and his very helpful forum for help getting this working.

Some inspiration from this week (or so)

Love this (free download) series of one minute soundsculptures / loops:
Thinking about them left playing all together in a darkened room somewhere.

Also exploring music that is an evocation of place, real or fictional. This is an interesting example. “…a psychogeographic investigation into a world of abandoned Underground stations, Quatermass, eighteenth century secret societies and the footsore reveries of a modern Flâneur.”:

And this beautiful, tactile (if slightly creepy) synth design:

Interesting Quartz piece about algorithmic accountability. Ties in with the Creative AI talk I attended in January, where there was some discussion about AI being left to run things without checks and balances (tested in versions of the game Civilisation) invariably leading to world destruction:

REALLY tempted to get tickets for this, even though it’s in another country. “A workshop on the radical potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in combination with robotics to change human bodily experience.”:

Also an honourable mention to Damon Krukowski, whose talk at Second Home Spitalfields about his new book The New Analog I attended last week. Damon discussed the ways in which the switch from analogue to digital audio has influenced the way we perceive and think about everything from time and space to love, money and power. His use of the sound engineer’s distinction of signal and noise and the difference in a digital world (basically, there is much more signal and less noise in the digital realm) was particularly thought-provoking.