Ugly Duck exhibition for PG degree show, September 2018

Photos of the Ugly Duck exhibition for the Ravensbourne Postgraduate final degree show. 19th-21st September 2018

Testing the XBees – at distance and enclosed

XBees turning on a red LED at 4 foot distance. I also tried this from one floor down and it still worked perfectly.

And testing them both inside Space Rock ‘shells’.

Space Rocks – first casts

A series of photos showing the first attempts at casting the Space Rocks in Jesmonite, along with some further 3D printed parts to hold the circuitry and electronics.

Taking shape

The latest version of Space Rock #4, sanded and with the circuit board and powerbank holder printed for inside. Also shown is a version of Space Rock #1 printed in sections at 280mm wide, and coated with XTC 3D as a test as this print has lots of flaws – not least because the filament snapped just before finishing printing the front section, so I had to do a patch repair. Interesting to see how smooth this sands down.

Refining the Space Rock shapes

First refined version of shape 4. The outer shell has been sanded ready to be cast (as a test). And some test prints in PLA of the inner part that holds the power bank and circuit board. The first version of this is not deep enough and the screw holes are a little too close to the edge of the print.