Mike Ladd – Seaweed

Found this lovely audio piece (and video) while researching into memory and sound. It’s mentioned in The Memory of Sound: Preserving the Sonic Past By Seán Street.

Mike Ladd (born 1959) is an Australian poet and radio presenter.

[Another of Ladd’s works from the same series was entitled] Seaweed, [and] grew out of a chance find of a length of audio-cassette tape on a beach:
“I discovered the tape had songs recorded from the radio and children’s voices on it, and I produced the work by multi-tracking these stretched and backwards sounds and voices. Seaweed began an ongoing interest in the physical decay of audio-tape—perhaps reflecting the way sound always decays into silence, and that memory can also fade.”

Arduino audio tests

Arduino audio tests using the Mozzi library, a Nano board, a light dependent resistor and a potentiometer (volume control).



A visit to The Future…

…Starts Here exhibition at the V&A. Some photos from a visit on Friday 25th May.

Was also fascinated by the data visualisation of Stamen Design’s Big Glass Microphone. Have long been interested in how to turn environmental data such as electronic / radio signals and sound / vibration levels into aesthetically appealing  visual or audio representations. This is an engaging interactive example of how to do that. The piece visualises fibre optic cables placed in a figure of eight around the Stanford University building. The cables pick up vibrations from the ground above (such as traffic) to create the visualisation.