Logic level shifters

So…it seems that the combination of XBee RSSI data and the Mozzi synth can only produce intermittent or pulsing sound and doesn’t allow for constant tones, as witnessed by the following video demos. All the data that has to be sent from Arduino to the XBee in order to get it to send and receive packets is causing the audio to stutter.

To get the tones required for the final piece, the circuits will need to be created using SX1278 LoRa modules instead. These will connect the four Space Rocks via an additional transmitter, and based around this circuit:

This should guarantee that the Mozzi synths can play continuous tones rather than interrupted pulses. Although I’ll now need to find a way to fit 4+”  433MHz antennaes into the Space Rocks too.

433MHz antennae
433MHz antennae