Drone Survival Guide


Some reading from my research into the Accomplices concept for the new PG02 brief: http://www.dronesurvivalguide.org/. Inspired initially by Drone Theory by Grégoire Chamayou.

The US Army defines a drone as a “land, sea or air vehicle that is remotely or automatically controlled”.

…as drones are operated remotely (often by “pilots” sitting in an office on an airbase in the Nevada desert), they carry no risk of American casualties.
….what a CIA operative once called the drone’s “unblinking stare”, the panoptic gaze of its surveillance systems, which compile “archives” of the lives of potential targets based on patterns of repeated behaviour, divergence from which can sometimes be grounds enough for a strike. One of these systems is called “Gorgon’s Stare”.)

The rules nodded through by Hayden allowed drone pilots to shoot at any male of military age whose behaviour corresponded to a “signature” suggestive of suspicious activity. The results of the policy were predictably calamitous for any civilian or non-combatant who happened either to display the stipulated behavioural traits or else just happened to be in harm’s way…Obama conceded that the way the US counts civilian casualties has been a matter of considerable controversy – for instance, everyone killed in a “signature strike” is counted as a legitimate target.