What Goes Around sketches – February 2018

Some sketches to visualise the What Goes Around objects that may feature in the final installation. From spacecraft to insekts [sic], these are initial drawings of what may have been sent back to us from space.

Videomapping workshop – take 1

Some initial ideas for the futuristic city ‘set’ for What Goes Around Comes Around.

Testing two projectors.

The skyline (section)

Triggering and processing various video clips using MIDI controller & keyboard


And the source material (click to view animations)…

Use fewer notes

Today I have been re-examining the the design for the Space Rock audio player, based on the concept suggested by the Oblique Strategies app that I installed recently: Use fewer notes.

“Oblique strategies is a set of cards created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt used to break deadlocks in creative situations. Each card contains a (sometimes cryptic) remark that can help you resolve a creative dilemma. Whenever you’re stuck you draw a card and ponder how it applies to your situation.”